Mold Services in Calgary

Mold Testing

Calgary homes and workplaces often have mold problems which require mold testing to better understand the risk to occupants. Mold testing allows us to classify the mold as Allergenic, Pathogenic or a more serious toxigenic species such as Stachybotrys commonly referred to as the Toxic Black Mold. A mold test not only determines the species present but through more advanced mold testing methods, a mold test can also quantify the concentrations of mold present in the air.

Mold Air Testing – Air Quality Testing

Mold air testing (otherwise known as Air Quality Testing) is the best mold testing method to understand the level of mold contamination within a building. The mold air testing process will reveal all key mold species groups present in the air and the exact quantity. This is compared to what is found in the outside air to better understand what mold sources are indoors. Mold hidden behind walls, floors or ventilation systems can be detected through Air Quality Test.

Some people have adverse health effects from mold and receive exposure through spores traveling in the air, this is when Air Testing is the only way to accurately determine the amount & type of mold they are breathing in.

Direct Surface Mold Testing – Direct Tape Lift; Surface mold testing identifies the species of molds on substrates to confirm the presence of mold. If visible mold is present, the surface test will identify the species and determine if the mold is Allergenic, Pathogenic or Toxigenic.

These methods are non-invasive and non-destructive, for more information on mold testing or to book a mold test in your home or workplace, call us at 1 866 223-4220.

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