Mold Removal Services

Mold can be found virtually anywhere, over time it will destroy the object on which it’s growing. To avoid damage to your home or business and to prevent health problems from occurring, you must promptly eliminate the source in which is causing the mold to grow, and the materials which it has grown on. At WSP Restoration, we perform safe, comprehensive and efficient mold and mildew removal in Calgary. We adhere to industry standards in the performance of mold removal. Also our teams are trained to industry standards and we use the best possible equipment to ensure that our jobs run efficiently and smoothly. We want you to have a headache free experience when dealing with hazardous materials.

Mold remediation in Calgary can be complex since you cannot always see the full extent of a mold problem. Mold is often hidden only to be exposed after the removal of moldy, material begins. The process of cleaning mold stirs up the spores which can immediately contaminate other areas of a building, creating an indoor air quality problem. Mold removal processes should prevent cross contamination, keeping building occupants safe and prevent mold from returning. No quick fixes here, we shoot for long-term, happy and healthy homes! We can provide the information necessary for buyers, owners and residents of these buildings. All of our services are 100% confidential. Call us to find out more or to book an assessment.

  • Assessment as to the extent of the mold infiltration
  • Quotes sent out within 24 hours of inspection
  • Efficient containment and removal of contaminated materials
  • Application of disinfectants and antimicrobials used to prevent future mold growth
  • Sanitation, deodorization and air purification equipment
  • Rebuild services offered to bring your home back to its original state - Warranty on work provided
  • Call us today to book an inspection

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