Mold Inspections in Calgary

According to Health Canada, we Canadians, spend almost 90% of our time in indoor environments and for the most part, we are unaware of the effects that poor indoor air quality can have on our health.

Poor Ventilation in a home or work place can contribute to a number of health related problems. Contributing factors focus on natural links to the air-tightness of building envelopes from wet or decaying building materials or pesticides.

“Indoor Air Quality” involves exposure to many types of biological factors including dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, roaches, rodents, mould or fungus, along with their decomposed parts; gases such as radon gas, ozone (from electrostatic air cleaners), carbon dioxide (CO2), tobacco smoke and many more.

When is a mold inspection needed?

- If there are indoor air quality issues in the home or building
- Is there is a persistent odour or a damp or musty smell
- If visible mold is present
- If health issues have been linked to the residence or building
- If the building was previously a grow-op
- Real estate transactions
- If you have tried to clean the mold yourself and it keeps returning
Our methods of inspection and standards are unique and far exceed the typical mold inspection or 1 indoor air sample that other companies provide.

We offer a full service for our clients. We can take you through from the inspection to consultancy to mold remediation and the rebuild to bring your home back to an original state. Our inspection reports are reviewed by Project Managers and Lead Technicians to ensure that the scope of work and cost estimates are appropriate and accurate. Our inspectors are capable of calculating a job accurately so you, the client, are not surprised by hidden fees and additional costs at the end of the project.

Reports and Legal Documents;

Sometimes when dealing with Mold or Asbestos a project needs to be documented for Real Estate purposes, Legal Issues, Third Party Audits, Insurance and/or major disputes. WSP Restoration will provide you with quality trained staff that will provide a minimum of Accredited Lab Reports, a Principle Investigator and a Review with a staff member that holds a minimum of a BCS of Medical Biochemistry. If you require documentation or a report, give our office a call and we will put you in contact with an Operations Manager to explain the process and find what best fits your needs. This 12-20 page document will allow you to make a more confident decisions about the next steps in mold remediation.

When property owners are looking for mold remediation companies it is important that you become educated on the subject of mold. You have to be aware of what method that particular company uses and compare it to which method best suits your specific situation. There a several questions you should ask:

11. Demolition & replacement of materials, do they attempt to minimize reconstruction?

- Some companies will actually quote the remediation/abatement process low and make up for lost costs during the rebuild/reconstruction phase. 12. Does the company use chlorine bleach in any of their processes? (Professional companies DO NOT!)

13. Can the company offer a guarantee/warranty on their work?

14. Does the company provide a scope of work that has to be performed during remediation?

15. Does the company offer to repair the source of the problem? Many companies do not, this can cause reoccurring mold to grow and without the source fixed, the remediation is just temporary.

16. Do they use HEPA Vac units to clean up? HEPA Vac’s are a vacuum containing a filter designed to remove 99.97% of airborne particles including mold spores and asbestos fibres.

17. Does the company have experience with contaminates other than mold?

18. Does your remediation company offer you confidentiality? We use unmarked vehicles on site and there is no release of information.

19. Do they set up containment and use Negative Air Filtration Units with HEPA Filters to catch spores and pump out clean air to prevent cross-contamination?

20. Do they have all the proper licensing required in your Province? (Licensed, Insured, Bonded, Pre-Paid Contractor – if they are taking deposit prior to work commencing, WCB etc.?)

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