Mold in Calgary is a common fungus found almost everywhere, inside and outside, year round. There are thousands of species of mold, where there is moisture and oxygen – multiplying microscopic spores are there as well. As mold travels through the air, it attaches to structures in and around homes and buildings. Once mold takes hold, it can cause discoloration and damage to materials. To thoroughly prepare for proper mold remediation of a project, a professional assessment should be conducted to learn and identify what has created a mold issue and what steps should be taken to perform comprehensive mold remediation and repair. Remediation plans are tailored to your needs and WSP Restoration can help from start to finish. Mold Remediation is the cleaning as well as removal of mold. Cleaning the mold is only a temporary solution and can actually cause more damage down the road as mold spores are released into the air when being disturbed. In order to have a successful remediation, a professional or expert must assess the situation to determine what is causing the mold to grow, follow numerous steps that must be taken to not only remove the mold but prevent it from reappearing. Water damages can cause mold growth in your home or business. It is important to have water damage cleaned up promptly and professionally as mold can begin to grow within 48 hours. Signs of the presence of excessive mold include:

- Visible mold (spotting, discoloration etc.)

- Strong, musty odours

- Evidence of past moisture problems that might have caused undetected mold growth

- Excessive humidity With training in all levels of mold remediation.

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