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Asbestos Testing is done by our certified technicians which is conducted by gathering several small samples of the material for processing at a third-party laboratory. Materials containing >1% asbestos content are considered asbestos containing materials and must be treated in accordance with the government regulations.

The Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual is a guide published by Alberta OH&S that is used as a guide for determining compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act in the Province of Alberta. It covers basic information on asbestos, health hazards, requirements for worker protection, safe work practices and the basic principles to follow for the safe abatement of ACM. We encourage all property owners to educate themselves and spread awareness.

Sections 31 through 38 in Part 4 of the Alberta OH&S Code, October 2009, outline the requirements related to asbestos in buildings. The requirements of sections 34 through 38 are summarized below for your review;

- Buildings to be demolished are to have all materials with the potential of releasing asbestos fibers removed;

- Buildings to be renovated must have materials with the potential of releasing asbestos fibers enclosed, encapsulated or removed;

- Ensure that if a building is to be renovated, materials in the area of the renovation that could release asbestos fibers are encapsulated, enclosed or removed;

- If asbestos-containing materials remain in place, a management plan is needed;

- A Notification of Project must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to beginning activities that may release asbestos fibers;

- Asbestos abatement must be completed by worker trained to perform the work safely, workers who enter a work area where it is anticipated that fiber levels will exceed the OEL (Restricted Work Area), are certified, and workers possess the original valid certification of completion course

- Asbestos waste is to be stored, transported and disposed of in sealed containers that are clearly labeled to identify the contents and that the contents should not be inhaled.

“Our goal is to provide professional service with a strong adherence to safety, procedure, best practice, and industry standards.”

WSP Restoration is a Calgary based company that provides professional asbestos abatement and mold remediation/removal services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Credit for our exceptional compliance record goes to the training that our crews and employees are mandated to complete. During a hazardous asbestos abatement or mold remediation project, safety is our first priority for clients, the public, the environment and our employees.

WSP Restoration looks forward to serving Calgary, and its surrounding areas for years to come and strives to earn and maintain a reputation of integrity, reliability and competitive pricing. We can be reached at (403)585-3794 for a consultation appointment.

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