Asbestos Ceiling Removal Calgary

The term textured ceiling refers to the "popcorn" like material that was a popular alternative to Gib stopping in the late 80’s. The product is also known by its popular trade names “Glamatex” or “Whisper”. Textured ceilings are one of the most common samples taken when testing for Asbestos. Appearance ranges from white to cream, many of which have glitter or metal flakes added.

All types applied prior to the mid 1980’s may contain asbestos regardless of appearance. Chrysotile (white) asbestos was added to the product as a binder, although not exclusively. Even some of the earlier textured ceilings had an organic fibre binder and no asbestos content. This substitution of asbestos with organic fibres became more common in later years before asbestos in textured ceilings was eventually phased out entirely.

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