Asbestos Calgary

How Asbestos changed Calgary Forever

The name asbestos comes from a Greek word meaning "inextinguishable" (often mistaken to mean "incombustible"). Asbestos is a collective term that is used to designate 2 separate groups of silicates: the serpentine group and the amphibole group. Asbestos is fibrous in nature, with a high length-to-width ratio. The term asbestos applies to 6 minerals that were exploited for their physical (high tensile strength, resistance to high temperature and electrical insulation) and chemical properties. -The Canadian Encyclopedia

In 2011, Calgary introduced new legislation which would require anyone seeking a renovation or demolition permit to fill out anAsbestos Abatement Information Form or AAIF We are here to walk you through the steps; it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Call WSP Restoration to arrange for a certified technician to come out and test for the presence of asbestos. This would require us to take multiple samples following the province’s regulations (this can vary depending on whether you are planning on renovating or demolishing the existing structure). Once we have lab confirmation that the building is free of asbestos, we can then deem that there are “no materials having the potential for releasing asbestos fibers in the project area.” With this confirmation you can then proceed in filling out the AAIF form to obtain your permit.

If the report comes back positive with Asbestos Containing Materials, all materials must be removed before a permit can be issued. Our Project Managers work together with Lead Technicians in putting together a scope of work for the removal of all required ACM. We will need to carefully remove all material with the potential to release asbestos and receive a final air clearance report. When all of these steps have been completed and the work site has been cleared safe, you can then proceed with filling out the AAIF and receive your permit to begin planned work.

Legislation and procedures are different with every province. We encourage everyone to check out the Asbestos Advisory bulletin from 2012 & 2014 on the City of Calgary website to learn more about asbestos and how Calgary is working towards removing ACM from homes and buildings.

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