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Discover why Calgary Asbestos Removal can handle any Asbestos hazard you have. Calgary Asbestos Removal handles your asbestos project from start-finish, whether it's a small renovation or a full demo. We fill out all required government paper work, submit an NOP (Notification of Project) to the government of Alberta and wait a 72 hour period before commencing any abatement. We keep up with the latest equipment and techniques to ensure safe and complete removal of asbestos, and any containing materials. We also maintain a standard of quality unmatched by our competitors. With such exceptional service at an affordable cost, we could be the definition of value! All of our technicians are trained and educated on the effects, history and procedures of asbestos to provide clients with the most information possible during an abatement. They are also certified to remove any level of risk, in any situation.

A hygienist is required for ANY asbestos abatement. The final cleanup must be thorough and an Asbestos Air Quality Test must be performed by a 3rd party company hired to do the asbestos air monitoring. This step is mandatory to ensure your home is asbestos free post-abatement!

Some companies offer warranty for up to 20 years on their asbestos removal work, we offer our signature lifetime warranty! We guarantee it will never come back once we have successfully completed an abatement with air clearance.